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The eight edition of Masaryk University Staff Tranining Week - MUST WEEK is going to take place on April 11-15, 2016.

Staff traiining for librarians is going to take place in the period August 29 - September 2, 2016.

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Agenda, dates and prospective target groups of MUST Week 2016

Target group One

Information Technology and Sevices at Masaryk University focused on Information Technology Security (Final Programme 2016)

Provided by MU Institute of Computer Science

Target group Two

International Relations (Final programme 2016)

The Staff Week is aimed for colleagues from partner universities working in international relations offices or other departments who are dealing with issues occurring by the international dimension of higher education. Provided by MU Centre for International Cooperation

Target group Three

 Services for students with special needs (Final programme 2016)

Teiresias - MU Centre for students with special needs offers a topic of Universal Design for Learning

Target group Four

Libraries  (Preliminary programme 2016) from August 29 to September 2, 2016

MU Libraries united program, application deadline February 29, 2016

Language of Instructions English

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Other target groups (not listed above):

If you did not find the expertise you would like to be trained in or a field you are interested in at MU, feel free to get in touch with MU International Office based at the Faculty level.

Within MUST week the following general activities are offered:

General program for all target groups: General information about Masaryk University and Brno (MU general presentation, Tour of Brno, Czech Culture and Society workshop, MU Bohunice campus tour including Anatomy museum visit)

Number of participants

Target groups include maximum number of 15 participants. In case of high number of applications, Masaryk University is going to examine all applications and select the final list of candidates. We will prefer only one candidate from each university for the given target group.

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Application process

The on-line application will available online from November to January 17, 2016 (select MUST week as a mobility programme, and choose the given target group as well).

Application deadline (ITC, international office and Services for students with special needs: January 17, 2016

Applicaton deadline for target group five Libraries: February 29, 2016

If you plan to arrive within Erasmus+ Staff Training activity - Target group 1, 2 and 3 enter Mrs. Zita Hrabovska's name - as the host institution coordinator. If you plan to arrive within Erasmus+ Staff Training activity - Target group 4 (Libraries) - enter Mr. Martin Vašek's name.

In case you are going to arrive within Erasmus Mundus programme, enter the name of your coordinator, either Mr. Adam Hykl or Mrs. Violeta Osouchova as the host institution coordinator.

Selection process and application approval

All applicants (except for the target group 4 Librarians will be informed by e-mail by January 22, 2016 whether their MUST application was approved and they can join the event. We will also be able to provide confirmed participants their letter of acceptance/approval from January 22, 2016, if needed.

Target group 4 Librarians will be informed by e-mail by March 7, 2016 whether their MUST application was approved and they can join the event. We will also be able to provide confirmed participants their letter of acceptance/approval from March 7, 2016, if needed.

Erasmus Mundus participants receive all the confirmation from MU Erasmus Mundus Coordinator (see above).

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MUST Week on-line application contains the accommodation request for two hotel options: the Hotel Continental Brno and the Garni Hotel Vinarska. The Hotel Continental (map) is located in the city centre near Masaryk university headquarters and the international office - CIC (CIC will pre-book several single rooms for reduced prizes including breakfast which is about EUR 50 per person/night). The Garni Hotel Vinarska (map) is in fact a student dormitory, some rooms serve for university guests. It is situated more conveniently for library group participants as it is closer to the library venue, however, more far away from the city center. The prize is about EUR 30 per person/night without breakfast.

Erasmus Mundus applicants will be arranged the accommodation by Centre for International Cooperation (choose "Erasmus Mundus" option  in the on-line application, accommodation section). Further details on accommodation will be provided to you by email in due time.

If you are interested in a room reservation in either the Hotel Continental or the Garni Hotel Vinarska, please indicate it within the on-line application. Having confirmed for the mobility you will be emailed further details concerning your hotel reservation.

If you want to arrange accommodation in Brno by yourself, you may find it useful to have a look at following list of hotels published at the City of Brno web pages.

Place - Masaryk University and the City of Brno

MUST Week takes place at Masaryk University (MU web pages), in Brno (City of Brno web pages), Czech Republic (Google maps)

Before arriving in Brno, you may find useful practical information in our guide for visiting staff members, including Details on how to arrive to Brno.

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