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G e n e r a l  I n f o r m a t i o n

Accommodation and Catering Services of Masaryk University (SKM MU) is a purpose-built facility of the university that provides operation of canteens and accommodation facilities at Masaryk University ( International exchange students are usually accommodated in "Vinařská", "Komárov-Sladkého" or "Kounicova" halls of residence:

Vinarska 01 

Attention: As Masaryk University decided to renovate its halls of residence Vinařska - block A1 - for future international students this autumn semester 2014, we have unfortunately limited number of rooms in MU halls of residence. However, we did our best to find an alternative in order to satisfy the demand. We have an agreement with Brno University of Technology (BUT) which enables us to offer you the accommodation in their dormitory.


B e f o r e  A r r i v a l

If you want to stay in the halls of residence of Masaryk University, you have to firstly apply in our online application and answer "yes" and mention approximate date of your arrival and departure:

application accommodation

The room will then be pre-booked for you and you will be informed in the late July (autumn semester) or the late November (spring semester) about further steps. You will receive from us an information email with instructions how to book your room and how to pay the booking deposit. If you do not pay until the deadline, the reservation of your room will be cancelled.

In the late July (autumn semester) or the late November (spring semester), you will be informed by e-mail how to book a pre-booked room in the ISKaM booking system (ISKaM guideline) and how to pay the booking deposit. If you do not proceed to both steps within deadline, your room reservation will be cancelled.

In ISKaM booking system, you will:

  • choose a residence
  • choose a room number
  • choose the date of arrival and departure (BINDING)
  • sign the accommodation contract electronically

You have to print out the accommodation contract twice and bring it with you.

Night 09


A f t e r  A r r i v a l

Find useful maps and directions here.

You can arrive there at any time, there will be always someone at the reception 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At the reception, they will have your name there and will give you the key to your room. If you arrive during the weekend or late in the evening, you might be asked to show/sign the accommodation contract (signed online and printed out from the ISKaM before your arrival) directly at the reception. If you arrive during working days (until 2 p.m.), go to fill in and sign the accommodation contract to the accommodation assistant's office.

It is highly recommended to arrive before the orientation week or the semester begins. Please note we can book the accommodation for you only within the academic year.

Within 10 days after arrival, every student is obliged to pay the first month rent plus an accommodation security deposit (cca 2500 CZK = cca 90 EUR - it depends on the halls of residence and room you will stay in). The security deposit + booking deposit will be kept and used as the last month rent.

before arrival within 10 days after arrival within 10 days after arrival until 10th day of the month
cca 1000 CZK cca 2500 CZK cca 3500 CZK cca 3500 CZK
through Shopping Centre in IS by payment card through chosen way of payment (see below) through chosen way of payment (see below) through chosen way of payment (see below)

Other rent month payments must be made until 10th day of the particular month (March rent - needs to be paid by 10th March at the latest), when making a rent payment through cashless transfer, it is necessary to send the payment at least 5 working days before the deadline, so that the money arrives to the MU account on time.

In case of late payment, you will be charged a penalty of 5 CZK for each day of delay.

SUPO is a university system of settling payments for services. To log in into SUPO account, enter your UČO and primary MU password. The aim of the system is to minimize manipulation with cash money, to support cashless forms of payments and to centralize in one common place students' financial means intended for payments for various types of services at Masaryk University.

Check your balance in your SUPO account („SUPO client account" in the left menu and then on the sub-link „MU account balance overview"). After your arrival you have to check the first month rent amount to pay in ISKaM system. After first month this might be possible to check in SUPO account for next months.

Practical example:


How to pay the rent? You just need to have money on your SUPO account; money for the rent will be automatically subtracted.

How to get money to your SUPO account and pay the rent:

  • Cash payment through Credit Top-up Machines (see the photo below). You can find these devices at all faculties (except for the Faculty of Informatics) and all halls of residences. It accepts bank notes only.
  • Cash payment at the counters of any bank, towards the MU bank account (MU bank account details here).
  • Cashless transfer/payment order from your Czech account.
  • Cashless transfer/payment order from your home account (when transfering the money from a foreign account, the transfer fee is to be paid by you, otherwise it will be withdrawn from your SUPO or you will have to pay the transfer fee in cash to the accommodation assistant).


After your registration with the International Student Club, you will get the ESN member card (Erasmus Student Network). Please bring it to your accommodation assistant, to get the dormitory identification sticker on the card. If you do not become a member of the ISC, then use your MU student chip card.

Komarov 18a


B e f o r e  D e p a r t u r e

You, as an international student staying in the halls of residence, may:

  • EXTEND the contract whenever during the semester
  • SHORTEN the contract but you have to announce it 2 months before you plan to leave
  • TERMINATE* the contract earlier, but you will have to pay the rent for the month when the termination is delivered, plus one month more.
* "The occupant may terminate his residence accommodation contract as of the last calendar day of the month in which notice of termination has been delivered to the provider. In terminating his residence accommodation contract, the occupant is required to pay the provider, pursuant to Section 497 of the Civil Code, an indemnity equal in value to the residence fee for one calendar month as compensation to the provider for the financial loss suffered by the early termination of the contract." The notice must be given in writing. Should you leave earlier than the date stated in your residence accommodation contract without informing the accommodation assistant, you will be asked to pay your residence fee until this date.


You will be informed about the pre-departure steps in detail by e-mail, when the end of the semester is approaching. You are, however, obliged before your departure to:

  • return all your borrowed books to library
  • arrange the leaving-room duties (tidy up, return the key, etc.)
  • get the signature from accommodation assistant to the "Check-out Confirmation" form that you are leaving and fill in the other parts of this form
  • submit the "Check-out Confirmation" form to CIC coordinator (personally or leave it in the post box in front of our doors or leave it at the reception of halls of residence)
  • check if you have got some money remaining on your SUPO account and ask for getting money back (see below)
  • the check-out from the room is until 12 according to the contract conditions
  • etc.

If there is an overpayment on your SUPO account before your departure, ask for the refund at (the money will be then return on your Czech bank account). If you do not have a Czech bank account, contact the accommodation assistant and you will be given the amount back in cash (after the checkout procedure with the accommodation assistant if you stay in the halls of residence). In case of high refund in cash (more than 1 000 CZK), please inform your accommodation assistant in advance.



Komarov 16


P r i v a t e  A c c o m m o d a t i o n

Private agency FOREIGNERS.CZ (reliable, recommended, established by former active members of the Erasmus Student Network)- they offer short-term and long-term accommodation, as well as many various other services to international exchange students. The direct link to the list of apartments available for short term period is here.
If you are interested, please contact them directly. The university is not responsible for the offers and arrangements.

Websites accessible for MU students only
As long as you have the login name and password that enables you to enter the Information System of Masaryk University ( you can try to search among university advertisments. They are, however, mostly in Czech, so you might need a help from your student tutor.
Log in, then click on the „Invitations and Advertisements" in the right menu, and choose link „Bydleni: nabizim" (= Housing: Offers).

Accommodation offers in Facebook - on the profile of the Centre for International Cooperation
Group „Accommodation for students seeking/offering"

More information on private accommodation may be found here.

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